For Students

To increase youth impact in the world, we see that society needs leaders who are entrepreneurial, culturally sensitive, socially responsible, and who take an active part in their own learning. AIESEC offers you the opportunity to take on a leadership role before or after your internship.


Student members of AIESEC at universities around the world run, manage, and facilitate a global internship exchange network. As registered student organizations, Local Committees of AIESEC function as small businesses in their communities, run entirely by students. They send students from their university abroad on internships that change lives and jumpstart carrers, and they partner with local businesses and NGOs to bring international students, AIESEC members in another country, into the community to provide valuable skills to the workforce and to help that student experience the real life and culture of a new place.


Involvement in AIESEC can take on many different forms. You can join AIESEC as a member at your university to help run the exchange program, learning how to lead groups of people to accomplish real projects while you still have the support of the university system behind you. Or, you can simply work with a Local Committee near you to find an internship or volunteer opportunity in 1 of 124 countries. Many members find the most valuable experiences come from doing both, either membership first and then an internship or vice-versa.

If this is an organization that interests you, find a Local Committee near you here.