AIESEC helps you recruit and develop the best young talent from around the world. 

The values of our talent


Participants in the AIESEC program bring a new approach and energy to your company. Helping to lead innovation.

Global perspective

Our participants can bring a global and diverse perspective to your teams.

All backgrounds

We have participants with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. Ranging from the humanities to STEM profiles.

Eager for knowledge

Our participants are eager and hungry to take on new challenges and learn!

What can you expect from us

1. J1 visa

AIESEC will sponsor the J1-visa for your candidate. We also provide J1-visa’s for candidates you’ve selected yourself.

2. Selection help

AIESEC helps you with finding the right person for the job by selecting candidates based on the job requirements.

3. Payment after finding the right candidate

Your company will only pay after you choose someone from the selected candidates.

The Process

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an (online) meeting to discuss the process, expectations and job questionnaire. via the job questionnaire we will be able to search for the right candidates.

The Search for Candidates

AIESEC will present you around 10 candidates based on the job profile. From the candidates we selected you can select some for an interview. based on these interview you can pick the right person for the job.


Visa & Formalities

You will only pay after choosing the right intern for the job. After this we will make sure the intern get the right assurance, housing, etc. AIESEC will sponsor his/her J1-visa.


Ready to Work!

When all the formalities are taken care of, the intern is ready to work! We will help the intern with any problems and organize fun activities.

Let's Begin!

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