AIESEC’s Global Entrepreneur product gives your startup an opportunity to recruit teams of hungry, talented, and diverse interns from around the world.

Why choose AIESEC's Entrepeneurs

Simple and Affordable

AIESEC makes acquiring bright and fresh minds from around the world much easier than recruiting locally. Meet your short-term skill requirement by bringing in young talent from diverse backgrounds in an affordable way.

Develop Youth

Bring in participants who are passionate to learn and contribute to your venture’s purpose as much as you are. Enable a fulfilling experience for them as they keenly take on challenges that a startup workplace brings with it.

Boost Your Workplace

Tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic culture of today’s world, Global Entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to engage the next generation in your startup scene. By connecting you with high potential young people who are eager to explore, your workplace can evolve with an international edge.

What can you expect from us

1. Visa & Logistics Support

AIESEC will help candidates get the correct visa and integrate into the United States.

2. Easy sourcing

You simply provide us the profiles you’re looking for
and our teams work with you to make recruiting globally a breeze

3. Payment after finding the right candidate

Your company will only pay after you choose someone from the selected candidates.

The Process

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an (online) meeting to discuss the process, expectations and job questionnaire. via the job questionnaire we will be able to search for the right candidates.

The Search for Candidates

Let AIESEC know the profiles you’re looking for and we will source for the top candidates. We will provide you video shortlists of the top candidates. From the candidates we selected you can select some for an interview. 


Visa & Logistics

You will only pay after choosing the right intern for the job. After this we will make sure the intern get the right assurance, housing, etc. AIESEC will help the candidate get the correct visa.


Ready to Work!

When all the formalities are taken care of, the intern is ready to work! We will help the intern with any problems and organize fun activities.

Let's Begin!

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