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youth development

AIESEC develops responsible global leaders by delivering a practical,  self-led learning experience to young people.
Partner with us to become an enabler of Youth Leadership Development.
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Talent Acquisition

Bring interns from all around the world to ensure global input in your business operations. Infuse your business with fresh perspective from Millennials around the world.

Boost Work Culture

Adapt your business to new trends and become millennial-friendly. Our partners have always loved the energy that our interns bring to their workplace.

Stay Competitive

All around the world, our program attracts talent of diverse backgrounds: HR, marketing, engineering, software development, education, sales and many others.

Participating Companies

AIESEC has worked with a variety of partners in the US and across the globe to create a truly cross-cultural network of youth talent.  Partnering companies have joined us in creating internships, conferences, and forums for young leaders. This talent pool has been a success factor for many organizations since 1948.