From Garland, TX to Colônia De férias‬, BR

From Garland, TX to Colônia De férias‬, BR

My name is Jordan Guillory and I am a freshman with an unspecified business major at the University of Texas - Austin.I joined AIESEC a month after I started school because I knew I wanted to travel during my college years, but it became much more than that. Here is my story:

When I first joined AIESEC,  I was part of the marketing team for the Austin chapter. That meant that I spent most of my days telling other people about AIESEC and trying to convince them to go abroad through AIESEC. I guess I spent so long convincing other people that I managed to convince myself because, at the end of the semester, I spontaneously decided to go abroad myself. Without even realizing it, classes ended, and I was on a plane to Brazil. 

My experience in Brazil was surreal. In no time at all, my host family and globally diverse team members became a second family to me. Of course, it wasn't all easy; I was the only person to have English as a first language. The challenge definitely made the experience significantly more memorable and valuable. I was surprised, however, that my new multilingual friends, none of whom had English as a first language, knew an incredible amount of American songs, especially Justin Bieber! 

During my trip, I saw people from different worlds interact and work together to reach a common goal. I am still amazed to be able to say that I was a part of so much cooperation, and that we were able to work together despite our different backgrounds. The children we worked with at Castro Alves and Celestino Pimentel school will never forget the group of international young adults and that one American girl who came to Colonia de Ferias and taught as well as learned from them for a month and a half, and I will never forget them. I will be forever grateful for my experience in Brazil and am in the planning stages to be on another exchange as soon as possible

Jordan Guillory

Jordan is an extroverted and fun girl. She is always willing to help and give her opinion about major global issues. She is not afraid of getting outside of her comfort zone and experience new things. In her free time you can find her watching Netflix or dancing to Drake's songs.