The bravest thing I ever did was move across the world, to live in a country I had never been to, intern at a museum I’ve never visited, and share a flat with six people I had never met. And I would do it all again one hundred times over, maybe even more. There wasn’t a moment I wished I was home, from my first day of work- eating fresh fruit by the sea port, to my cab ride through Thessaloniki to the airport. I remember the dread I felt on the airplane and waiting to meet the people I had only spoken to through Skype- wow, do I regret ever being nervous.

Every day I would maneuver the Thessaloniki bus system (bless the #14) to Kamara, city center, and take the most beautiful walk to the sea port where I spent my afternoons as a digital marketing intern at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. Each day was different, especially when Grexit happened, but I had free reign over their tools to improve the museum’s online engagement. I worked with Photoshop and archive databases, WordPress, and the illusive guide to Greek exclamations. It was an amazing experience, to see how a non-profit is run in an entirely different country, and to offer my skills as help.

The greatest part of the entire summer, was the people I encountered. Not just the restaurant owner who gave us food tours, or my coworkers at the museum, but the people I spent my mornings and nights with. Living in Greece with AIESEC was not just an amazing opportunity to work, but I met the most wonderful and kind people along the way. We traveled the country, climbed waterfalls, and binge watched Game of Thrones with gyros in both hands. Getting six roommates that summer was the most memorable part of the entire trip. I encourage everyone to be brave and take a summer to give their skills to a non-profit in need. Not only was it an amazing way for me to build my portfolio, but it expanded my mind to places I had never dreamed of.

Quinn Rufener

Quinn is graduating this spring from the University of Wisconsin- Madison with a BBA in Marketing. She'll be joining the mad ad world in Los Angeles for the summer! Her biggest regret is not going abroad with AIESEC multiple times!