A Pre-Med Global Leader

Melody's Story: A Pre-Med Global Leader

What has been your favorite AIESEC moment so far?

It's tough for me to choose but my favorite AIESEC moment is probably the Local Committee President election process. You get to watch the candidates grow throughout the process, and it's really inspiring to see how each candidate takes initiative to make our organization the best it can be.

In which Leadership Development Model quality have you grown the most?How has AIESEC helped you in this area?
AIESEC has helped me grow in all directions but what I cannot emphasize enough is how the challenges I've faced since joining have helped me become more solution-oriented. 

AIESEC gave me the opportunity to weigh the benefits and risks of every challenging decision presented to me and honed my problem-solving skills.

What do you want to do in the future? Why did you chose AIESEC as part of your journey there?

Ideally I want to become a doctor someday and travel the world with another organization, Doctors Without Borders. 

AIESEC initially became a part of my life because I wanted to go abroad through one of their opportunities (which I still want to do!), but upon joining this organization, I realized that it has so much more to offer me: qualities like open-mindedness, acceptance, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just a few of the reasons I knew I made the right choice in life by joining AIESEC.
Have you ever been abroad?

I have been abroad, though not through AIESEC (yet!). When I did travel outside of the US, I visited many countries and was constantly amazed by how vastly different the rest of the world is compared to the US. My trip to Tehran last summer was probably the most eye-opening of my travels because I was able to experience life as an Iranian citizen firsthand, rather than from what I had gathered from books or movies about Iran.

‍AIESEC believes that in order to be an effective leader, you must encompass the four qualities of the Leadership Development Model. Do these describe your leadership style? Do you feel particularly connected to any of these?

Originally posted January 2016