7 Reasons Why Leadership is Rewarding

Everyone knows that leadership roles at any point in life look great on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. You know that as a prospective employee you will be asked to summarize your time as a leader and your answer could make or break your chances at getting the job. But has anyone really looked deeper into why it’s so rewarding to be a leader? Here are 7 deeper reasons why leadership is rewarding: 

1.     Being a leader teaches you to strengthen your faith. It’s simply impossible to be breathing down the back of every member of you’re team to ensure they are getting their work done in a timely and accurate manner. Besides it being impossible, it is extremely annoying and discouraging for the team. As a leader you have to learn to have faith in your team and the work that they do.

2.     You will shatter your comfort zone. Maybe speaking in front of groups isn’t your thing, or you get nervous when it comes to making decisions. Well guess what? These are both aspects of being a leader. However, as with most things, practice makes perfect, you will learn from your mistakes and become more comfortable over time. Always try your best and you will see the success of your team rise.

3.     Patience will be drilled into your values. Becoming overwhelmed with rage is not the most effective way to lead and strengthen your team. As a leader you should try to remain calm, don’t yell at a member for not completing work or act erratic in stressful situations. Speak to your team on a personal level, figure out what’s going on and offer your wisdom. With a little patience your team will make you proud.  

4.     You will learn quickly that respect is key. No one likes a leader that acts superior and pretentious. Don’t fluff your feathers too much. Team members will relate and listen to a leader that acts as though they are on the same level as everyone else. Respect other’s opinions, personal lives, problems, etc. Remember - members would rather work WITH a friend than FOR a boss.

5.     Building a vision is a fun aspect of your job. Let your creative juices brew and create a strategy for your team. Explain to them the who, what, when, where and why of how to execute the vision. Paint the vision in their minds and get them excited to work for the vision. Do this in a fun, creative way and your team will relate - in the end this will lead to hard workers and a job well done.

6.     The meaning of leadership for your team is shaped by how you lead. It’s inevitable, your team will look up to you and remember how you led them. During their future endeavors they will add and subtract qualities of your leadership and apply them to the way they lead their teams. To many successful leaders, this can be the best part of being leader - knowing that the people you once led now have their own team to lead with you as their inspiration. Show them your best and create an inspiring definition of what it means to be a leader.

Hopefully, these reasons inspire you to take a leap and consider taking on a role as a leader whether it be with AIESEC, school or just in the future. Think - besides furthering your career, what can being a leader do for you?