Nick Scheifler

As a millennial professional and business leader, I am driven by the pursuit of challenging, fun, and formative experiences to catapult my personal growth. After living and working in Colombia and Uruguay I've attained fluency in Spanish, with a growing base of experience doing business throughout Latin America.

Currently I am acting as Director of North American Operations for Switch Software, a nearshore software outsourcing firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay and Austin, Texas. We have proven technical expertise in .NET, Java, Javascript, and Ruby, as well as platform experience in iOS, Android, and Windows. The team is full of good people - talented people - and we have a lot to offer the global market.If I can be of help to you I'd be delighted to connect, learn your goals, and see if we can accomplish something together.

Skills: sales - sales management - sales training - operations - market expansion - CRM - leadership - coaching - public speaking - workshops - business intelligence - BI - business analytics - distributed database - SQL